Michael Glenn - UX Designer

Michael Glenn



A great user experience (UX) is the most important aspect of any platform. When you achieve this, you earn customer loyalty. This starts by creating a healthy symmetry between code and design. When too much weight is placed on function over form, the idea falls flat. Similarly, valuing style over substance creates a product that looks good but doesn’t last. The best example of positive balance in composition can be seen in nature through the golden ratio. Mathematical proportions play a role in causing nature to be more pleasing to the eye, adding enjoyment to the adventure. Harmony with architecture and arrangement always builds a product that out performs any other.

About Me

For over 20 years I’ve been helping companies meet their creative objectives, establish brand recognition and develop original products. I believe in leading first by example, always evolving from project to project. I coach my teammates to be innovators, continually looking for ways to improve the UX. I’m passionate about my craft and more than anything, I love good design.

Michael Glenn - UX Designer